Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Call To Arms

My personal opinion is that the global financial system needs to be totally destroyed and forgotten as a bad memory. We need to replace it with a completely new and unrelated system.

Currently, the global economy functions in this way:

Central banks are in private hands, these central banks hold the gold reserves, therefore all states with a private central bank are in effect bereft of wealth, because it has been placed in private hands. The 288 tonnes of gold in the vaults of the Bank of England are not owned by the British state, they belong to the Trustees of the bank (shareholders).

Currency is issued by central banks on a debt basis, this is how the vast national debts have been created. Every dollar, pound or euro issued is actually borrowed by the government from the central bank and a rate of interest is paid on this, therefore the state is in debt to the central bank and that debt grows with every transaction. This is the crime of usury.

This is not money, this is debt
Therefore the entire concept of 'money' within our current financial system is fatally flawed and serves only to impoverish both the people and the nation states to the benefit of a small group of international financiers, principally the Rothschilds and including their vassals such as JP Morgan and the Rockefellers.

Whole nations have surrendered their power and sovereignty to these bankers, the US is a good case in point. Look at the BP oil spill, every aspect of which has been lied about and something covered up. The environmental damage is immense, and the majority of this damage is not due to the oil but due to BP's use of the highly toxic Corexit dispersant. Corexit is banned in the UK, it is very dangerous stuff and actually does nothing to clean up the oil, all it does is disperse the large highly visible oil sicks, therefore giving the impression to the public that the spill has been cleaned up. The entire gulf is an environmental disaster zone, the future health implications due to Corexit are staggering, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are going to die as a result of BP's actions. Obama and the US govt has worked hand-in-hand with BP to fool the US people, when Obama went swimming with his daughter in the gulf it was pure bullshit, he actually swam in a lagoon where there had never been ay oil, at the same time, the beaches of the Gulf were still covered in a lethal mixture of oil and Corexit. Why would Obama and the US govt do this? Simple, they are dependent on BP for oil to such a degree that they will do whatever BP wants. The massive US war machine uses more than half of the oil consumed by the US annually and most of the oil comes from BP.

It gets more convoluted that that, the same people who own the shares in BP own the shares in the company that makes Corexit and they also own Exxon. When the Exxon Valdez disaster occurred, the same coverups were carried out and the same massive use of Corexit occurred, the environment was damaged so badly it may never recover. Now you have to realise that the banking houses that are the shareholders in BP, Exxon and the Corexit manufacturers are the same ones that own the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and most other central banks around the world. This means that nation states and their governments are now enslaved and the world is really run by these banking houses.

Walter Rathenau, German Jewish industrialist and politican

Walther Rathenau in 1912, just before WW1 gave the game away when he told a reporter than 'Europe today is run by a group of 300 Jewish bankers, all of whom are acquainted with each other'. 2 years after Rathenau's arrogance got the better of him, those bankers plunged Europe into a catastrophic war, that war was the mechanism by which all of the powers of Europe were enslaved, the bankers stared the war then kept it going by financing both sides. They made immense profits at least 6 times greater than they were making in peacetime because they owned the armaments manufacturers and the mines that produced the essential coal and metal ores. WW1 marks the end of the old order and the beginning of the New World Order which has the total enslavement of the world's population as it's goal. The privatisation of the US Central Bank through the Federal Reserve Act occurred in 1913, that was the key factor that enabled WW1 as the Fed was needed to finance the war, it was the mechanism used to funnel the necessary funds to the warring parties.

So 2013 represents the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the New World Order. Somehow I am pretty sure that it won't take another 100 years for them to complete this evil mission; it likely won't take another 10 years, we are getting really close to the end which will come when global financial meltdown occurs and police states are imposed.

The only way that this New World Order can be stopped from completing it's enslavement of the world is a mutiny among the military. A charismatic military leader must emerge that can rally a large portion of the military behind him and through direct military action, cut the head off the snake. This is becoming ever less likely as all the senior military leaders have been co-opted and are loyal to the bankers. Just look at the generals of the period since 1945, they have been political whores who did the bidding of the bankers and slaughtered their own men and civilians without conscience. Westmoreland in Vietnam, he oversaw large-scale chemical and biological warfare, the paper records of which have been hidden or destroyed, but a computer database of 1970 vintage contains over 2,000 instances of the use of CBU-15 (Sarin) by US forces and they openly admit to widespread use of other agents such as Agent Orange. Westmoreland also did nothing to oppose the CIA setting up a huge heroin industry which ended up addicting over 100,000 US veterans and untold millions of civilians. Schwarzkopf in the Gulf, he presided over large scale radiological and chemical warfare, the use of depleted uranium was a war crime, the battlefields remain polluted and will remain so for centuries, tens of thousands of servicemen will die from cancer in the future, many have already fallen victim to DU. Hundreds of thousands of birth defects in Iraq are due to DU, but it's all been covered up. Then there is the poisoning of his own troops, hundreds of thousands of veterans have had their health and lives destroyed by the chemicals they were injected with and the pills they were made to take.
Westmoreland presided over the Vietnam War debacle
Schwarzkopf, lauded by the press but his men suffered
What we need is a figure like George S. Patton, a pure soldier who is fiercely loyal to his country and by extension, his people. Patton had zero interest in politics and thought all politicians were 'lying sneaky yellow bastards'. Patton was a fiercely Christian man who spoke his mind exactly with no varnish or concern for how his words would be interpreted - he spoke the truth and spoke it plainly and directly. Eisenhower, Marshall and Truman made a huge mistake when they placed Patton in command of the US occupation zone of Germany after ww2. Patton immediately discovered the truth of ww2 - that the Germans were not Nazified at all, that the Nazis were a tiny minority and in Patton's words, 'the Germans are the last decent race left in Europe'. He also uncovered the truth about the Holocaust - that there were no death camps or mass killings, that much was obvious because there were Jews everywhere, picking over the corpse of Germany to steal whatever they could, Patton wanted to round them all up as the criminals they were, because he couldn't stand to see what they were doing to the poor German people. Patton said that he wasn't going to allow them to retire him when his duty in Germany was over, instead he was going to resign so that they couldn't muzzle him. He intended to return to the US and completely destroy the myth of ww2 and the Holocaust and bring down the evil bankers and their political puppets who had created the whole mess. Patton had balls the size of Texas, he didn't make idle threats, he was simply stating his plan of attack against an enemy he had discovered and when Patton attacked, he always won. That's why they murdered him, because he had discovered the truth and it had pissed him off to such an extent he was going to do something about it, and a pissed-off George S. Patton is like the wrath of God.

George S Patton, killed for knowing too much and being prepared to act on it

I think the Patton incident (and the later MacArthur removal from command in Korea) taught the bankers and their political lackies the dangers of the military, therefore, when they finally declare a police state in the US, they will do it when the US military is occupied elsewhere in the globe and unable to intervene. The DHS has a private army that may number as high as 150,000, add to that all the agents of the DEA, CIA, ATF, FBI, US Customs, state police, local police and you can see what a huge force they have at their disposal, and with the hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo, the 8,000 military armoured vehicles and the military armaments and training they have been equipped with, they are definitely ready. To oppose them, what is there, the citizen's militia movement was crushed in the 90s due to the whole Timothy McVeigh/Oklahoma City bombing farce, the national guard can be disabled with ease, and large portions of it will be abroad serving alongside the regular Army anyways.

That's my take on it, I really don't see how else the completion of enslavement and the imposition of the police state can be stopped. I see it happening as a second US Civil War, but the issue this time won't be state's rights and black slavery, it will be people's rights and universal debt slavery. I don't see it as a war that the people can win either, all the big guns are on the side of evil.
The Rothschild's template for False Flag Wars

I've always had a passion for history, and I first started to realise how governments and the media collaborate to manufacture 'history' through the study of the Boer War. The Boer War was the first historical incident that I learned was completely different to how the accepted history tells us it was. The actuality of what happened to provoke that war and who was behind it wasn't hidden very deeply, in fact it was barely hidden at all. Cecil Rhodes provoked it by sending 500 heavily armed British mercenaries into the Boer state (The Jameson Raid) in order to provoke a rebellion against the Boer government by the British settlers and merchants living there. 
Cecil Rhodes - the colossus of the British Empire in Africa

The Boers surrounded this group well short of its objective, forced its surrender and humiliated Rhodes and the British Government. Rhodes knew that all he had to do to conquer the Boer state was provoke war, that was the reason for sending those 500 men, he knew they would not succeed, but he knew that sending 500 Britishers to start an uprising of Britishers in the Boer states would provoke the Boers into taking some action against it's British minority. Rhodes could then use his cosy relationship with the British press to spin this into Boer attacks on poor innocent British settlers and that would soon have the British public clamouring for it's government to send troops to teach these damn Boers a lesson for daring to lay hands on British citizens.

The situation I just described fits exactly into the standard model of regime change that we have seen implemented many times since 1945 by the CIA-M16-Mossad (in reality, they largely operate as a single agency). Let me lay it out in it's basics:

  1. Send foreign mercenaries into the victim state to foment 'revolt'.
  2. Provoke the victim state into using its armed forces to oppose the foreign invaders.
  3. Have the media present this lawful defensive action by the victim state as the cruel oppression of a dictatorship.
  4. Send your armed forces to complete the job of regime change.
  5. Establish a new puppet regime with a banking system consisting of a privately held central bank that issues currency on a debt basis, thus enslaving the population.

It really is that simple, and it has been carried out so many times, currently it is being done in Syria, a couple of years ago we saw an absolutely blatant and textbook case in Libya, before that Iraq and Afghanistan.
In the case of the Boer War, the motivating factor was two-fold, firstly, the Boer states were sat on top of one of the largest gold deposits on the globe, with the extra benefit of their being lots of diamonds and other precious minerals. Secondly, the Boers were a group of Europeans (Dutch Calvanists, French Heugenots, German Protestants) who had turned their back on the established order and had established for themselves an independent homeland outside of the global financial system, they had a government owned and controlled central bank that issued debt-free currency backed by gold, which meant they had zero inflation and zero interest on credit.

Boer Leader Jan Smuts and his commando
Quite obviously, such a state and financial system is diametrically opposed to how the banking systems of all other countries work (at the time of the Boer War, both Britain and the US had currencies backed by gold but neither had a state-owned and controlled central bank) and was not acceptable to the international bankers who control the world - The Rothschilds and their partners/vassals. It was no secret that Cecil Rhodes worked for the Rothschilds and they were the ones who financed all of his murderous, grandiose plans for imperial conquest and exploitation of native peoples. Therefore the Boer war is a straightforward case of an agent of the Rothschilds using Rothschild money to arm a group of mercenary terrorists then sending these gangsters to attack a state from the inside thus provoking war between the state and the state controlled by the Rothschilds (Britain). It is no secret that the Rothschilds loaned the British Government money to finance the war so the 1 million British and Empire troops who served in South Africa were effectively mercenaries hired and paid for by the Rothschilds. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians died as a result, no-one knows how many Boer civilians died, but at least 30,000 died in the British concentration camps alone, no-one knows how many were killed on their own farms and homesteads.

A young Boer girl in a British concentration camp

Therefore, my study of the Boer War lead me to understand how wars are planned, organised, provoked and financed, and who is behind this evil mechanism that slaughters innocent people en-masse in order to funnel all of the world's gold into the hands of a handful of families who control the world's financial system.

You can take the pattern I just explained and apply it to almost any conflict since the Boer War, it will fit like a glove.

Friday, 28 February 2014

 Simon Shack's King Kong Man debunked

In a recent post at his cluesforum site, Simon 'Shack' Hytten claimed that the falling man video was faked because the man would have to be about 13 feet tall. He called it 'King Kong man':

The obvious way to analyse the image and determine the approximate size of 'King Kong Man' is to compare his apparent height to the dimension of other elements within the image that are known. Shack attempts to do this but makes a farcically bad job of it.

Shack determined that the height of a WTC window was 7 feet, but he incorrectly identifies the window, what he does is take the height of the bottom pane of a three-pane window and claim that pane is 7 feet high rather than being the bottom portion of the window. This incorrect measurement allows him to suggest that the man is huge, around 13 feet tall!

Well, this notion is easily disproved. The exterior columns of the WTC were 18.75 inches (48cm) wide and were spaced 22 inches (56cm) apart. This information took all of a minute to find with a simple Google search.

I measured these dimensions on a blowup of the image and then measured the approx height of the man. I get a figure of just under 4ft 10 (146cm). Hardly King Kong...

This clearly shows that the cluesforum 'analysis' of this video is utter rubbish. So bad that you have to wonder if they didn't deliberately misrepresent the data, no competent person could have made such an obvious mistake. 

Shack presented this image, a photo of the WTC facade in his forum post. It shows single pane windows in the centre of the frame but look over to the left hand side, two three-pane windows are clearly visible.

If we look more closely, and outline one of these windows, it becomes clear what Shack has done - he has misidentified the lower pane as being the whole window! This has given him a wildly incorrect measurement by which to assess the height of the man.

When errors are as mind-bogglingly clear as this one can only conclude that Simon Shack is one of two things:

A. Hopelessly incompetent

B. Deliberately misleading people.